A Workshop Titled: The Role of Research Chairs in Achieving the Leadership in Science

Over the last few years, the research chairs have played an integral role in academic research particualry in leading universities. It is so because the research chairs are based on the concept of “Community Partnership” which aims at mobilizing the efforts of the university including all its scientific and research experience and knowledge along the great tendency to improve the society and providing all the possible means and solutions that may contribute in its development. The workshop has main topics; the first one: the role of the research chairs in achieving the university objectives. The second one: The mechanisms for the success of research chairs. The third one: the obstacles that may encounter the research chairs and how to overcome them. The objectives of the workshop are: - to promote the concept of research chairs among the faculty members and individuals of society. – to enhance the perception of participants towards with the importance of research chairs and its contributions to the university and society. – to develop the role played by research chairs in serving the university and society. This workshop is aimed for male faculty members ( location: quality hall/ main campus in Majmaah) ( Date: Thursday, 27/1/1436 colleges at Majmaah + college of science & humanities in Hawtat Sudayr+ college of science & humanities in Remah )  

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