The Publishing & Translation Center to Conduct the 1st Workshop at College of Education in Majmaah

The 1st workshop was conducted on Wednesday 22/11/1435 by the publishing and translation center at the college of education in Majmaah. The workshop was presented by the director of publishing and translation, His Excellency Prof. Ahmed Mohammad Salem where he reviewed the role played by the publishing and translation center in attracting the attention of faculty members to the importance of scientific research and publishing at the university level and society in light of the support provided by the university. Prof. Salem shed a light on a number of issues including the scientific materials for publishing, criteria of publishing a book, copyrights of the author and the university when agreement is made to publish a book and the role of the center in promoting and distributing the book in public and university libraries as well as international book exhibition. The director also mentioned the procedures to be followed in publishing, translating and funding the university book as well as the required documents for publishing. A reference was also made by Prof. Salem to the scientific journals of the center and encouraged all faculty members to publish their works after being reviewed and endorsed by the scientific board. At the end of the workshop, appreciations and thanks were extended by the director to all faculty members who attended and to the college represented by the dean Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Sabet and his deputy for postgraduate studies and scientific research, Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Nasser for their invitation to offer the workshop. 

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