Demonstrators, Lecturers, Language Instructors and Research Assistants Affairs Committee Resumes Its Meetings and Passed a Number of Resolutions

The 9th and 10th meeting of the demonstrators, lecturers, language instructors and research assistants affairs committee was chaired by His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Vice-Rectorate of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. Prof. Al-Shaya’a stated that during these two meetings, 34 files of candidates who applied for academic positions and promotion in various colleges have been carefully examined. The committee agreed to conduct interviews for 10 candidates at the Faculty of Applied Medical Science and 16 candidates at the Faculty of Computer Science. The University Rector also agreed to promote the demonstrators Abeer Abdullah Al-Dosari and Mansour Ali Rasheed Al-Ghareeb to the post of Lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Humanities. His Excellency the Rector agreed to promote a number of the university lecturers and demonstrators. Prof. Al-Shaya’a added that such recruitment are likely to fill the academic positions with Saudi citizens. 

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Sunday, 28/June/2020