Approval of Sponsoring a Number of demonstrators and Faculty members for MA & PhD in Various Fields

His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies & Academic Research chaired the 6th & 7th meetings of scholarship and training committee for the academic year 1435/1436 which was held on 12/1/1436 and the 8th meeting held on 19/1/1436. The secretary of the committee, Mr. Mohammad Bin Saif Bin Judia discussed 29 topics related to sponsorship, extension and promotion of the university students over the last meetings. Several recommendations were issued on top of which is the sponsorship of a number of lecturers for PhD studies. They are Naif Bin Fayez Al-Bagmi, energy system, UK, Majedah Bin Mutia Ashoor, International economy, Malaysia, Mane Munif Al-Harbi, US and Mai Saleh Al-Swayyan. An approval was given for some students to study the English language in UK to be ready for the PhD studies and they are: Khalid Abdelrahman Aba-Hussein, Arwa Nasser Al-Muofz and Sultanah Mohammad Al-Henein. The demonstrator Ghadah Mustafah Qadi and the demonstrator Abdul Aziz Suleiman Al-Mulhem were approved for MA studies at Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University. the scholarship of the student Khalid Ibraheem for MA studies in USA was promoted. An approval was issued to extended the scholarship of 8 students to pursue their MA and PhD studies in various universities. The Vice-Rector, Prof. Al-Shaya’a stated the importance of following the path of success and to double the efforts in completing the procedures of the university staff. 

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