Announcement of Results of Innovative Works Presented to the Student Outstanding Innovation Center

The Student Outstanding Innovation Center at the Vice-Rectorate of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research refereed the innovative works presented by the university students. The results will be announced and awards will be given to winner at the ceremony attached to the preparatory forum for the 6th Scientific Conference for Higher Education Students which is patronized by His Excellency the Rector and will be held in the main campus patronized on Wednesday, 15/4/1436. Dr. Bakheet Awad Al-Rasheedi stated that (55) innovations were submitted to the center in various fields. These innovations will be refereed by a committee that includes Dr. Bakheet Awad Al-Rasheedi (chairman), Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Tariq Mohammad Al-Bajoori (member), Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Khalid Al-Tuhami Madani, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ar Meydan Sam, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Mr. Naif Bander Al-Maymooni, Innovation Center, and Jawaher Ibraheem Al-Ouhaideb, Faculty of Education. His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research noted that these participation of students reflect their awareness about the society and its needs which focus on the quality of innovated works. HE also added that such conferences allow students to present their research projects and innovated works as well as promoting the concept of innovation and creativity which will contribute in generating a society that utilize the capacity of students in a cost effective manner. 

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