Director of General Administration of Facilities and Housing welcomed by the Vice-Rector

The Vice-Rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari welcomed in his office the Director General of the General Administration of Facilities and Housing, Mr. Baddah Al-Baddah and a number of staff to examine the comprehensive report submitted by the Administration about its works over the last period.
The Vice-Rector commended the exceptional efforts and plans carried out by the staff, which had an impact on the excellence of the electronic work as well as for implementing quality standards and measuring performance indicators. He also advised them to highlight the administration’s achievement through the university’s website and social media.
A copy of the reports and a sample of the awareness campaign on the use of energy were presented to the Vice-Rector.
Mr. Baddah Al-Baddah,General Manager of Facilities and Housing, said that this campaign is in line with the tendency of the University's mission to promote the culture of energy rationalization.

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Monday, 31/December/2018