Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
18 January 2020

A Workshop entitled “ Best Study techniques and Skills”

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Based on the directive of the Head of Department of Law, Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Abdelkareem, a workshop entitled “ Best Study techniques and Skills” was held by the Department of Law as part of the academic advising week.
Presented by Dr. Hayder Mohaamed, a faculty member at Law Department, the workshop addressed the following topics:
- Importance of arranging time of study
- Effective study strategies
- Good and back habits of study
- Revision for exams
- How to answer multiple questions exam
- Regulations of exam
The workshop was wrapped up by answering students’ questions who demonstrated a high level of interaction as exams are around the corner.
The College is pleased to thank Dr. Hayder for presenting the workshop in successful way.