Message from the Vice-Dean

On behalf of me and all my colleagues at the Vice-Dean's Office for Educational Affairs at the College of Business Administration, I would like to welcome you to the College website.

The Vice-Dean's Office seeks to achieve the College's vision, mission and goals which is consistent with the university's strategic plan.

It aims to create a conducive educational environment that offers different programs and maintain the continuous development of academic programs through cooperation with the scientific departments. It also prepares classrooms and laboratories, study schedules, final exam timetables and ensure the educational process at the college.

The Vice-Dean's Office also seeks to follow up on the students' academic performance through academic guidance and developing solutions and programs to minimize the chances of the students' underachievement in coordination with the departments and the relevant authorities.

I would also like to emphasize that the Vice-Dean's Office's website provides all educational guides and regulations for students to know their rights and duties. Opinions, suggestions and complaints are welcomed.


Dr. Abdullah Al-Luhaidan

Vice Dean for Educational Affairs