Rabi Al-Thani 1442
01 December 2020

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The program targets the following groups: • Outstanding graduates from King Abdullah Scholarship Program. • Outstanding students sponsored by King Abdullah Scholarship Program at the bachelor degree, master degree, PhD degree or the medical fellowship. The program also intends to recruit self-sponsored students. The fields that the program is primarily focusing on are :
1. Marketing, Business Administration, TESOL, English Literature, Applied Math
2. All specializations of Medicine, Medical & Rehabilitation Treatment, Computer Science, Methodology of Teaching Computer, Physiology
3. Financial Management, Accounting, Linguistics Theory, Translation
4. All specializations of dental, Biomedical Engineering, Programming, Physics, Microbiology.
5. Economics, Management Information System, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Linguistics,
6. All specializations of Engineering, Nursing, Networking, Biochemistry, Special Education.