Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
13 November 2019

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Last Modified Sun, 2019/02/24 - 21:26

1. Applications will be accepted before the deadline provided all required documents are submitted and all conditions are met.
2. The submitted work should have been completed during the job tenure.
3. Applicants who have won the Life-time Scientific Achievement Award are not eligible to apply in any of the award’s categories.
4. Applicants who have won in previous Award’s categories are not eligible to apply in the same categories for four years.
5. Applicants are eligible to apply only to (2) categories; one of which is possibly to win.
6. In all works submitted to the Award, applicants must state that he/she is an employee at Majmaah University.
7. In cases of scientific misconduct or violation of any of the Award’s conditions, The Higher Supervising Committee reserves the right to withhold the award and the applicant is no longer eligible to apply in future.
8. Applicants who are members of the Award panel or any of its committees are not eligible to apply in the same year.
9. Applicants should not re-submit a work that won a previous award from other institutions for the same level or higher.
10. Applicants must sign a declaration stating that all submitted information is true and correct.