Functions of Department of Finance

1. Use electronic method for all financial accounting and business with respect to the exchange links, extract the daily , weekly, monthly and annual financial reports, prepare the data and statistics that relate to the work of the Department, and provide the internal and external parties including required data within the limits of the powers granted.
2. Control the accounting records of the four sections of the budget and control the items allocations process at regular intervals.
3. Prepare the memoranda of transport to and from the appropriations of budget items and request for additional funds in collaboration with the General Department of Planning and Budget and do the follow-ups.
4. Adapt procedures of collecting the university revenues.
5. Start all financial accounting and business mandated by the regulations issued under Royal Decree on the budget of the university, its instructions and a list of exchange, collections and financial regulations in accordance with the standard systems.
6. Exchange temporary and sustainable advances.
7. Pay fees and allowances of university staff training.
8. Prepare an annual report about the activity of the Department, its achievements and proposals to improve the level of performance in the future.
9. Follow-up the definite appropriations of the University budget items and prepare the necessary reports for the concerned authorities.
10. Follow-up paying the advances, the university revenues and follow-up the collections of revenues and incomes..
11. Notify the beneficiaries of individuals and companies of their dues.
12. Supervise the university fund and the funds allocated to faculties, departments; and conduct a surprise inventory for these funds.
13. Prepare the final accounts of the University, follow-up the auditor's report, and reply to the remarks and queries made by General Auditing Bureau and other involved parties.