Department of Finance is one of the important executive Departments at the University of Majmaah associated with General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs. The Department of Finance is committed to accomplish all the financial procedures relating to the payments out of the budget of the University's annual appropriations, collecting revenues and registering that in the Department of Finance regular books. It implements the financial operations like the disbursement of salaries and benefits of university employees, and students' allowances in accordance with the rules, regulations, circulars and decisions. The department pays the dues of contractors and suppliers, makes necessary advances ensuring the financial transparency.  The preparation of the final account at the end of the fiscal year is another important job of the department.( Upon achieving these work, one can realize the burden of responsibility, the hard work in accomplishing transactions, the speed of delivery of entitlements to the holders of merit, and the use of the state-of-art technologies for the implementation of financial operations via competencies and trained expertise scientifically and practically, seeking to achieve the desire and instructions of senior management on the purpose of achievement, precision, and optimum treatment.)