Transportation Program for Special Needs Students

His Excellency the University Vice-Rector, Dr. Musallam has endorsed the university transportation service provided to special needs students. This service is in compliance with the directives of His Excellency the university Rector, Dr. Khalid S. Al-Mugren which underscores the significance of providing all means of help to special needs students to be at equal status with their peers. In this regard, Dr. Al-Dosari stated a number of buses will be advocated to commute special needs students from and to the university. This step is taken to overcome all obstacles that might encounter those students. Dr. Al-Dosari also added that this service is part of a project endorsed by the university and titled “Setting a conducive environment for special needs students”. This project is implemented and developed in various stages. This stage included the transportation service carried out by the general department of facilities and services and the deanship of e-learning. More stages are underway which will cover all the educational requirements for special needs students.