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Mr. Mutab Al-Maymoni, the Director of the General Administration of Services, conducted inspection tours to several transportation sites at the university's colleges to ensure the quality of services provided to female students and to monitor the implementation plan for risk mitigation.


The digital units of the General Administration of Services work on enhancing prevention measures and strengthen the protection of students through their diverse activities.


The General Administration of Services provide services to all sectors of the university and the external community through its various departments. Some of these efforts can be reviewed through the publication issued in the form of a document available at the following link: 


The Director of the General Administration for Services, Mr. Mutab Al-Maimony, received a letter of thanks from the director of the Astronomical Observatory, Mr. Abdullah Al-Khudairi, in recognition of the services provided to the university's guests during the Crescent Sighting Workshop.


The General Administration of Services provided transportation services to guests of the Astronomical Observatory who attended a workshop of crescent sighting. 


The General Administration of Services, through its various departments, units, and sections, conducted a number of events on the Flag Day. These events took place in buses, student services centers, and executive offices. A number of employees participated in these activities.



The Technical Administration for Vehicle Affairs at the General Administration of Services has sent a number of informative and interactive messages during the second semester break.


The General Administration of Services, represented by the Student Services Centers, celebrated the International Women's Day on the 8th of March.


The Transportation Department has successfully provided transportation services for students, staff, and their children to participate in the Foundation Day celebration. The event was held under the patronage of MU rector, Saleh Al-Mizil,


MU rector, Prof. Al-Mizil, honored the staff of the General Administration of Services for their contributions in organizing the Global Digital Games Development Hackathon.

Mr. Al-Maymoni, the director of GAS, extended his thanks to MU rector for encouraging the staff.

The General Administration of Services has launched a service for transportation service 'Rasid'.


The Transportation Department, represented by the Department of Branch Services, ended transporting staff and students to the Global Digital Games Development Hackathon 2023. The transportation services continued during the weekend. 




Prof. Musallam Al-Dossari, the vice-rector, conducted an inspection tour to the administrative complex of service. The vice-rector, was welcomed by the director of the General Administration of Services, Mr.


The Student Services Center, represented by the Transportation Department, is improving the direct transportation service, which aims to help students reach homes early after classes. Over 640 trips were taken during the year 2022. 



The General Administration of Services transported students and faculty members from colleges to the student outstanding projects forum which was patronized by the MU rector at the university auditorium. 


The director of the General Administration of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni, held a meeting with the branch managers and heads of administrative departments to follow-up emergency plans the progress of transportation services. 



الادارة العامة للخدمات

The Transportation Department at the General Administration of Services set up an initiative encouraging bus drivers to pursue their education. The drivers were informed about the importance learning which motivated some to join schools. 

مركز الطوارئ

The Direct Contact Service is providing transportation services to beneficiaries living within the university's geographical area including 4 governorates, 55 residential areas and 80 centers from 7 am to 3 pm. 


A high-level team from Arab Weather, led by the head of the Arab Weather group, Eng. Muhammad Nabil and Eng. Osama Al-Arifi, the director of Operations in the group, visited the university.


The director of the General Administration of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymouni, received a certificate of thanks and appreciation at the ceremony to honor individuals and volunteer organizations for the year 2022.