Within the framework of the university’s keenness to align its services with the Kingdom’s vision 2030, and in line with the requirements of the National Transformation Program 2020 with regard to the development of university transportation, MU has modernized the transportation fleet.  85% of female students in all locations and governorates located within the university's geographical area availed themselves of transportation services.

New transportation projects were signed which extend to 2020 and are characterized by their emphasis on all safety, security, and entertainment requirements. 

The transportation project serves more than seven thousand female students who are transported daily from different locations to the university colleges. These locations are located in more than 77 centers and 55 residential neighborhoods in 4 governorates. 

The university has supported the transportation service in all administrative and financial procedures, starting from registration and all way to logistical services.

The university never forgot its responsibilities toward people with special needs. An elite program was launched for transporting people with special needs by preparing new tailored buses to provide safety and comfort for students.

The university also worked with the transport contractor to control the procedures for selecting drivers, with the assistance of the security authorities, in order to achieve a high degree of a good choice for bus drivers.