Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
21 January 2020

Departments under the Director of Administration

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Department of Administrative Affairs:
The responsibilities of this department ranges from following-up the attendance and both incoming and outgoing correspondences to supply the needs of the warehouse.
- Receiving and recording all internal and external incoming correspondences
- Sending all correspondences via the Correspondence Management System
- Carrying out all the Dean’s directives with regard to forwarding the incoming correspondences to the concerned department at the IT Dean’s Office.
- Receiving incoming correspondences and presenting them to the Dean
- Preparing all correspondences that cannot be sent via the Correspondence Management System and handing them to concerned departments
- Archiving and saving all incoming and outgoing correspondences, letters and memos from and the Dean’s Office
- Classifying and saving all correspondences and reports of the Dean’s Office
- Retaining an original as well as a digital copy of all documents
- Following-up all forwarded correspondences
- Preparing all regular and annual reports of activities
- Carrying out all other similar works assigned by the immediate director
Department of Follow-up:
This department is assigned to check the attendance of the employees
- Following-up attendance and handling all cases of regular leaves and sick leaves.
- Collaborating with concerned departments at the university to ensure the official holidays are announced on time as well as providing suggestions with that regard
- Coordinating with the Department of Follow-up at the university in adding or removing employees’ data of attendance
- Following-up with the employees who are on long-term leaves for sickness or any other reason and ensure they have reported back to work
- Preparing reports showing absence and late hours and handing them to employees
- Carrying out any similar works assigned by the immediate director

Department of Warehouse:
This department is responsible of supervising the employee’s custody, handing over the equipment and furniture to employees and approving the notification of clearance.
- Arranging the warehouse, dispensing computers and supplies to employees according to the form, and reporting to the director the shortage of all items, a measure to have a sufficient time to get them supplied by the university warehouse
- Receiving all kinds of items and stationaries and keeping them in the warehouse
- Following-up the warehouse item shortage, making an inventory of all returned furniture and writing a report of all damaged equipment, furniture and items.
- Receiving the notification of clearance form submitted by employees whose contracts are expired or they have been transferred to other departments.
- Preparing a record of all items being received, stored or dispensed
- Retaining the notification of clearance forms of all departments
- Arranging the warehouse items in a way that makes it easier for the search
- Ensuring that the form of dispensing equipment or furniture is filled out
- Proposing a mechanism of making the inventory of the warehouse’s items.
- Retaining the records that show the quantity of stored items in order to maintain the minimum quantity of them
- Submitting a monthly-report to the director about the items in the warehouse
- Carrying out all similar works assigned by the immediate director