Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
31 October 2020

Audio and Video Conferencing Policy

Last Modified Thu, 2019/05/09 - 14:14

1.1 IP Phone Request
IP Phone is requested by MU staff via submitting the form (Tel Request) on the e-Services Portal.
Please be noted that possessing more than one phone for the University staff is not allowed.
1.2 IP Phone Transfer
For an IP Phone to be transferred to another staff, a form (IP Phone Transfer Request) should be submitted on the e-Services Portal.
1.3 IP Phone Acknowledgment of Receipt
In cases where the IP Phone of a staff was lost or damaged due to improper use, regulations respecting such cases will be enforced.
1.4 The Department of Audio and Video Communication (DAVC) at Deanship of IT provides five models of IP Phones as follow:
No. Model Receiver Picture
1. 9971 Vice-rectors, deans, directors
2. 8961&6941 Vice-deans
3. 7937 Conference rooms
4. 6921&6941 Staff

1.4.1 IP Phones with special features (e.g. special extension or model) that are given to the University officials are considered to be in their custody. In cases of transfer or replacement, the IP phone will be immediately transferred to the new official.
1.4.2 IP Phones and extension numbers authorized to particular positions are immediately transferred to the new official occupying this position in coordination with the DAVC. These positions are :
- Vice-rectors
- Deans
- General managers
- vice-deans
- Directors of Administrations, Offices and Secretary
* Failure to submit the IP Phone Receive Form to the DAVC would result in the staff’s service being suspended.
1.5 Extra Services Request
For requesting extra services such as changing name on screen or conditional call forwarding, a form should be submitted by the staff himself/herself. If otherwise, an official letter from the immediate manager of the applicant must be sent to the Dean of IT.
1.6 National & International Call Services
The service of international calls is provided based on the letter issued by MU rector No 16/106, dated on Feb 13th,2012 . Reports of consumption are submitted to MU rector on regular basis.
1.6.1 National and international call service is solely provided for vice-rectors, deans and directors who are under the MU rector.
1.6.2 National calls service is solely provided for vice-deans, office managers of vice-rector’s office, directors of administrative and financial departments and office managers of dean’s office
1.6.3 Departments that have a director contact with private enterprise on regular basis are exempted from the policy of national and International calls. A request, however, is required to be submitted for MU rector’s approval.
* All requests should be submitted on the e-Service Portal. A copy of the approval must be sent to the DAVC for the service to be activated.
1.7 Extensions and Special Number
1.7.1 The IP phone extension numbers for MU staff are determined by the department’s domain and follow a sequential order.
1.7.3 In the case of the staff being transferred to another department, he/she should notify the DAVC to be provide with another extension number that belongs to the department’s domain where the staff is transferred to. Failing to notify the DAVC, the Unit has the right to change the extension number without referring to the staff.
1.7.2 Special numbers service is limited to fax line, research centers, departments of services, emergency centers, information centers and administrative leaders. To use this service, a letter should be sent to the Dean of IT for approval which shall be determined based on the nature of work as well as the numbers availability.
2 e-Fax Line
This service, which is provided to administrative leaders, is requested either via the e-Services Portal or by sending a letter to the Dean of IT.

3 Video Conference
A video conference is a live visual connection between two or more departments, inside or outside the University.
3.1 Requesting a Video Conference Equipment
To request a VC equipment, a letter should be sent to the Dean of IT
3.2 Broadcasting Event
For an event to be broadcasted, a form should be submitted on the e-Services Portal. The following points should be taken into consideration:
3.2.1 The form of request should be submitted at least Four days prior to the event date.
3.2.2 The department that needs to have its event broadcast must assign a coordinator who should be highly cooperative with the Deanship of IT. The Deanship of IT does not bear the responsibility resulting from any non-compliance.
3.2.3 Notifying the departments for which the event will be broadcasted is the responsibility of the department that requested this service and not the Deanship of IT
3.2.4 The form of broadcasting event, based on which the event will be broadcast, should be filled clearly and accurately.
3.2.5 Broadcasting an event should be tested one or two days prior to the due date in the presence of the department’s coordinator
3.2.6 For official contact, please use this email: iptelatmu.edu.sa
3.2.7 In cases of non-compliance with the above mentioned terms, the DAVC has the right not to broadcast an event.
3.3 Video Conference Acknowledgment of Receipt
3.3.1 The VC equipment is considered to be in the custody of the department’s official that requested the equipment (Deanship, College, Administration). In cases of transfer or replacement, the VC equipment will be immediately transferred to the new official.
3.3.2 In cases where the VC equipment was lost or damaged due to improper use, regulations respecting such cases will be enforced.

4. The DAVC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. This policy can be found in the e-Portal of Majmaah University, Deanship of IT
5. Disclaimer: The Deanship of Information Technology strives to provide high quality services of IP phone and video conferencing; however, the Deanship is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the violation of this policy.