Muharram 1441
20 September 2019

Protocol and Hospitality

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

* Coordination has been made with the office of H.E University Rector to receive and accommodate a number of the University Rector's guests at a very best level of reception and hospitality.

* Coordination has been made for a number of H.E University Rector's visits to some officials and governors and arrangement for accompanying and receiving him.

* Coordination has been made for a number of H.E University Rector's visits to colleges and University projects and other foreign destinations and arrangement for accompanying and receiving him.

* Receiving University visitors and guests and accompanying them inside University departments and acquainting them with colleges and providing them with information, data and bulletins about the various activities in the University.

* Accompanying a number of delegations, committees and work team in their tours and visits to colleges and different facilities and departments of the University.

* Memorial gifts and University logo have been made and presented to guests and visitors.

* Organization of a reception for Insan Society delegation and presenting suitable gifts to the orphans.

* Preparation and hospitality for six meetings of the University Senate.

* Preparation and hospitality for more than 20 consultative meetings of the University Rector with the administrative and academic chiefs in the University.

*Provision of hospitality to a number of guests and University leaders in many occasions.

* Good reception and courteous treatment to impress the visitor and customer with the good picture of the University.

* Coordination for the visit of H.E University Rector to the historical area in Al Majmaa and accompanying him in his tour.

* Accompanying H.E University Rector and participants from the University to attend the 2nd scientific conference of the students of Ministry of Higher Education held in Jeddah Province, with media coverage.

* Prior coordination and accompanying H.E University Rector and staff to the celebration organized by Al Majmaa people in honor of the University Rector and staff.