Message from the Director



The General Administration of Relations and Conferences (GARC) is deemed one of the important administrations in any organization. This importance stems from its close relationship with all internal and external departments and its responsibility to establish and maintain a sound reputation of that organization. With that in mind, the GARC has assumed its responsibility, since the university's establishment, to work closely and on daily basis with all colleges, deanships and administrations through institutional communication programs to contribute to achieving a number of achievements. Overcoming a wide range of difficulties such large workload, lack of staff and the absence of a database or infrastructure, the GARC had multiple responsibilities such as organizing events and meetings, receiving guests and new faculty members and introducing them to the university facilities, handling all publications, creating a good reputation, among other tasks. The Department has it succeeded in much of that and will exert more efforts to be an ideal example in the administrative organization. The Department provides services in accordance with the goals, plans, programs and organizational structure of the university.

The General Department of Relations and Conferences is updating its website with all materials, news and activities to be a reference in the field of public relations and conferences.

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