Overview & Establishment


Origin and establishment

Since the university's inception, the General Administration of University Relations and Media (GAURM) was established to play a vital role in public relations and media.  The GAURM set its vision, mission, and values. A number of goals were set, and the organizational structure was found to determine the tasks, plans, and programs that would serve the university's goals.

The GAURM is linked directly under the Rector's Office. The Administration was able to achieve remarkable success over the past fourteen years. The Administration achieved excellent satisfaction and built a wonderful mental image among all segments of society via organizing events, receiving guests, and media production. 

Transformation phase

In a step toward the direction to raise the efficiency of the Administration's performance and productivity, a decision was issued by MU rector, during the academic year 1444, to split up the GAURM  into two independent administrations: the Administration of Public Relations and Conferences and the Administration of Media Center. Both administrations had to rebuild their organizational structure and set their vision, mission, powers, and job descriptions.

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