Powers and competencies


- Supervise the work of the Administration, distribute work workload among the staff and suggest ways to improve the performance of the Administration. 
- Design an annual plan that includes a program for events, activities, exhibitions and conferences.
- Publish a guide for all occasions, events and conferences, including the mechanism of organization and participation.
- Suggest organizing conferences or forums that reflect current affairs.
- Prepare an integrated reference featuring academic, administrative and technical information.
- Publish a guide featuring the organizational structure, tasks and powers for all departments and units of the Administration of Public Relations and Conferences.
- Design guidelines and an operational plan for the Administration.
- Suggesting entertaining programs for the university staff to exchange experiences and learn from each other.
- Provide government departments and educational institutions with the necessary information they request about the university.
- Supervise events and activities that are held in the university including preparing the reception and sending out invitations to guests. 
- Prepare and organize exhibitions, conferences, scientific seminars and national events that the university holds or participates in
- Make the necessary arrangements to receive the university's guests.
- Manage university theaters including booking and organizing events.
- Contact with departments and government entities with regard to work. 
- Manage the electronic portal for the Administration including all published news and information.
- Enhance community partnership and cooperation between the university and the private sector to provide quality services to university staff.
- Grant permission for disbursement of the loan allocated to the Administration in accordance with the rules of disbursement.
- Approve staff leaves and report to the Human Resources Deanship the Administration's staff report to work, delays and absences.
- Prepare job performance evaluations and submit them to the university rector.
- Submit an annual report on the activities and initiatives of the Administration and its needs.
- Submit technical reports to senior management on various issues and developments in the work.
- Participate in preparing the annual report of the university's events and activities.



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