English Language Department-Chairman Message:

In the name of Allah, peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah Mohammad and his family and companions:

First of all, I am pleased in this web page to welcome everybody who surfed this site to read this humble introduction about the Department of English Language, Faculty of Science and Humanities in Rumaaah governorate which is affiliated with the University of Majmaah. Dear readers, as you know that English Language has become an irreplaceable requirement in all branches of knowledge and the labor market as well, so that the Department of English Language has been launched in Rumaaah governorate under the guidance and close follow-up of his Excellency the Rector of the university, Dr. Khalid Al Muqrin,- may Allah keep him safe- with the establishment of the Department of English Language in 2010, the Department was keen to provide the opportunity for students to learn the language correctly from the beginning in an academic and scientific atmosphere, that fulfils their expectations and achieves their aspirations, as well as establishes further learning and critical thinking so as to cope with the goals of the university. The Department contains a number of distinguished faculty members and researchers with a variety of experiences, that the university administration was precise and keen on the selection to be the best ambassadors for the transfer of knowledge to our male and female students, towards knowledge-based economy cope with the strategic goals of the University and the Department emanating from the development plan in the Kingdom. The Department of English Language seeks to develop its educational curricula continuously and tirelessly to keep abreast of developments and the latest developments in all its aspects and tracks, so as its curricula are subject to review, diagnosis, and scientific scrutiny in order to get to achieve the highest quality standards in the specialization qualitatively and quantitatively. We also look forward to be the best at the local, regional and global level and the adoption of quality programming in the areas of serving the labor market, as well as postgraduate programs and the development of scientific research and its sources in the near future, God willing, in the light of encouragement and generous support provided by the university administration. So thanks and appreciation are provided to everyone who contributed to the designation and development of this site, and welcome visitors who surf the site of English Language department, hoping to find in this web page what they are looking for.

Head of English Language Department

Dr. Salah Al frwan