"Providing quality academic and professional training in the disciplines of English literature, linguistics, and translation; alongside a constant endeavour and commitment to promote scientific research and community service that contribute to attaining sustainable development".



1. Preparing and training competent graduates in the disciplines of linguistics, translation and literature with pertinent technology awareness for higher studies, to meet the job market needs and contribute  to societal sustainable collaborations.            

2. Enriching academic research in the disciplines of literature, applied and descriptive linguistics, sociolinguistics and translation.    

3. Providing community services in terms of general proficiency and English for Specific Purposes, i.e. English language courses (e.g., diplomas, public lectures, social activities, visits and tours, particular awareness-raising campaigns, etc.).

4. Fostering a conducive academic and social environment, which can raise awareness of the latest developments in the fields of English language among students as well as faculty.