Vice-Dean's Responsibilities


·         Supervise student affairs, especially psychological and social counseling, and improve them

·         Supervise the preparation and proposing of student activity plans at the college in coordination with subcommittees and departments and follow up on their implementation after approval.

·         Prepare an annual report on student affairs at the college and submit it to the Dean.

·         Supervise the college’s student activities programs after coordinating with the Deanship of Student Affairs.

·         Help students to choose the right majors.

·         Chair the investigation committee formed by the Dean of the College in cases of cheating and violation of the examination system and submit its decisions to the Dean for approval in accordance with the provisions of Article Three of the University’s Student Disciplinary Regulations.

·         Monitor the admission, registration, and student affairs department at the college.

·         Implement the decisions made by the Student Disciplinary Committee and the council of the College.

·         Supervise the staff and, assign them tasks and develop their skills.

·         Encourage teamwork and coordinate with different departments.

·         Follow up on issuing university cards for students.

·         Follow up on the delivery and receipt of monitoring statements from departments and deliver them to the competent authorities for electronic storage.

·         Issue a letter of statements for students

·         Manage admission, registration, and student affairs, in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

·         Propose extracurricular activity plans.

·         Follow up on student activities and services, and improve them

·         Follow up on the work of student activity committees and draf rules regulating them.

·         Propose the formation of committees to carry out the tasks of the college

·         Supervise a program for investing students’ energies in the college.

·         Prepare job performance reports about staff and faculty members.

·         Recommend methodological and extracurricular training courses in the college.

·         Any work assigned to him according to the work’s needs.

·         Follow up on the services provided to students and assess their quality.


·         Approve the assigning of students with work in accordance with the regulations issued in this regard.

·         Ensure that various student services are provided and improve their quality.

·         Approve the plan for extracurricular student activities.