Message from the Dean




Welcome to the website of the College of Sciences and Humanities in Rammah. I hope you will learn further about the college’s programs and faculty members as well as the research activities and community service following the college’s vision that is aligned with the university’s vision. The college seeks to achieve excellence and leadership academically and educationally in a manner that combines the principle values of religion and society on one hand, and technological development, on the other hand.




The college has offered undergraduate degrees for male and female students since it was founded in 1431 AH in the following majors:
(1) Business Administration with two tracks: Financial Management and Human Resources Management (2) Islamic Studies (3) English Language. Applied diploma-level programs are also offered at the Applied College in Remah Branch, and they are a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a Diploma in Graphic Design and Digital Media, a Diploma in Real Estate Management and Development, and a Diploma in Marketing. The college also strives to add more majors at the undergraduate and diploma levels.


The college's central aim is to build students' personalities and prepare them to be moderate and capable of engaging in a dialogue with other civilizations. It also strives to inculcate among students a sense of patriotism and the importance of serving the community with high quality. Student are well qualified and their skills are honed to meet the demands of the labor market and entrepreneurship.


Wish you success in future endeavor 


Dr. Adi Al-Buqmi