Volunteering and Community Service Unit


Provide high-quality community service and form partnership to enrich the individuals' lives and community.


Provide professional training and consulting programs of high standards as part of the community development to the highest levels.



- Promote an interactive and reciprocal culture of the concept of community service and community partnership between the college staff and community members and institutions.
- Create communication channels to interact with the society sectors by providing services and forming partnerships.
- Create a detailed database on community services and government and private facilities and determine their needs.
- Seek grants and donations to fund joint research with external bodies and create conducive environment for cooperation to improve learning at the university. 
- Motivate faculty members or students to conduct researches that solve the community problems.
- Allow the local community to utilize the college's facilities and staff
- Turn the needs into scientific and educational activities in the environment surrounding the college.
- Support the region’s residents cognitively and economically through courses, workshops, consultations, and productive families’ exhibitions.
- Train students to recognize and deal with societal problems and ways to solve them through campaigns and field visits.
- Evaluate to what extent faculty members and students  can contribute to community services.