About The College


       According to the distinguished guidelines for expansion in establishment of colleges and universities in the different parts of the kingdom, in an attempt to admit students to alleviate pressure to the universities in big cities, and due to increasing number of secondary school students in Majmaah and the neighboring districts, came the necessity to establish the College of Administrative Sciences and Humanities. The college was inaugurated in the academic year 1429-1430 in accordance with the decree of the Higher Educational Council, Session No 47, dated:27/8/1428, based on the Eminent Guidance No(29-1002478) dated:9/3/1429,to be one of the of the colleges of King Saud University and then it was affiliated to Majmaah University after issuance of the sanction of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (The president of the Council of Higher Education) to establish the university, dated 3rd of Ramadan1431- 24th August2009.

The College of Administrative Sciences and Humanities (CASH) offers bachelor degree in following specialties Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Special Education and English Language. However, the college is able to offer a variety of other specialties that can be independent colleges in the future.