Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
22 October 2020

Last Modified Sun, 2018/07/08 - 10:14

The University Vice Rector of Educational Affairs Dr. Ahmad bin Ali Al-Rumaih to inaugurate next Sunday a meeting on ‘Integration of Operational Plans and Performance Indicators for the Deanships under the Vice-Rector's Office of Educational Affairs" at 10:00 a.m. in Vice Rector’s main hall. This comes as a part of the efforts exerted by the Vice-Rector's Office in supporting all its deanships in order to achieve work efficiency in line with the Vice-Rector's Office and university's strategies and discuss their important roles to maintain their excellence by focusing on the following topics: integrating operational plans, measuring and following up performance indicators and the annual reports of the deanships of the Vice-Rector's Office of Educational Affairs. in the meeting,the role of Statistic and Information Center in providing the deanships with the required data was also addressed. This meeting is one of many activities conducted by the Study Programs and Development Department at the Vice-Rector's Office of Educational Affairs.