Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020


Last Modified Sun, 2020/03/15 - 11:39

An inspection visit was paid by MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren to the Deanship of Information Technology to check the preparations made by the deanship to ensure the distance learning applications are operating effectively.
Welcomed by the Dean of DIT, Dr. Mohammed Al-Wanein, MU Rector was briefed about the deanship’s team efforts to address any problem instantly and around the clock.
Dr. Al-Wanein pointed out that with the assistance of state-of-the-art software that are checked on regular basis, a special team was formed to monitor all process and to respond to all feedback according to the highest standards.
At the end of the tour, MU Rector expressed his gratitude with the commendable and professional efforts made by all staff, motivating them to do their best in serving students and this nation at large.