Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

Customer Service Shared Room set up by Deanship of IT

Last Modified Sat, 2020/04/18 - 07:58

The Deanship of Information Technology set up a 24-customer service room, led by the dean, Dr. Mohammed Al-Wenien and both the vice-dean for technical affairs and the vice-dean for services and systems.
The aim of this room is to receive inquiries and complaints around the clock via the phone number 5555, Whats App or via the email: E-HELPatMU.EDU.SA
Several heads of departments participate in the success of the customer service room like the network department, technical support department, operation system department, video and audio conference department, female department and the help desk service. The room also includes the technical support department at the Deanship of e-Learning.