Scholarships administration


Saudi Arabia has a long-standing history in spreading Islam and protecting Sunnah.  Having attempted to fulfill such a responsibility, the Saudi Arabia Kingdom has taken a wise decision for expanding the number of the non-Saudi students admitted to scholarship program in the Higher Education Institutions. It is such a strategic step which has a major effect and unrivalled importance in achieving the internal and external policies of  the Kingdom.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers scholarships to non-Saudi students to pursue their post-secondary studies in the Saudi University. The governmental scholarships are divided into the following types: the first is the internal scholarships for non-Saudi students  who legally reside at Saudi   and  the second is the external scholarships for non-Saudi students who live abroad.

  In the Saudi Universities the scholarships is classified into three categories:the first category is a free scholarship as the students will have  a full  benefits package. The second category is a partial scholarship as the student will have specific benefits package. In the second  category, the educational institution is eligible to provide the students with specific benefits such as seating or seating  and housing. Third category is the paid scholarship. In this category, an organization other than the University    donates the total amount of the scholarship.Such scholarship classification is enforced  by the rules  issued  by  the educational organization council in a way which is not contravened with the stipulated  regulations. 

Having proposed to establish Non-Saudi Students Scholarship Unit,the Scholarship Affairs  Committee attempted to fulfill the policies of the Saudi government in such a field, based  on the by-laws  issued by the council of  ministries decree No. ( 94)dated on 29/3/1434h and  the telegraph dispatched by the ministry of higher education No. 31918 dated on 21/3/1434 h , attempting to introduce highly effective performance in laying care for such  a group of University students.



The  administration  endeavors hard to make sure that scholarship programs can achieve  the following objectives:

1-Teaching Arabic language and spreading the culture of  moderation. 

2-Partipating in preparing specialist scholars in all majors who are capable of  acting positive roles in their societies.

3-Attracting  students of academic excellence in order to  create  diversity  and to enrich the scientific research.  

4-Establishing  academic and cultural bonds with the educational organizations and Islamic organizations and academic institutions around the world and documenting such activities for serving humanity.

5-Enhacing the solidarity between the Kingdom and the countries of the world.

6-Having students acquainted with the Kingdom and  its renaissance  in different aspects of life  like  science, economy  politics, social  science and health care.


Tasks Undertaken by the Administration:

First: Administrative Tasks:

1-To follow up the admission procedures  and the students enrollment in  coordination  with  Deanship of Admission and Registration.

2-To organize the accommodation  procedures of the students in the dormitories in coordination with the concerned authorities.

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4-To create a database for all the students  enrolled at scholarship program that  secures  easy and flexible accesses for  all students' affairs.

5-To provide the organizations extending internal and external relations with a periodical reports about the students enrolled at the scholarship programs.


Second: Academic Task:

1-       Following up the academic progress of the students enrolled at the scholarship program and  solving  the problems which they  are expected to face .

2-      Preparing periodical reports  having to do with the academic levels of the students.


Third: Social Care

1-Organizing social tours such as Haj and Umrah and sightseeing tours around the Kingdom.

2-Preparing programs for socially integrating the scholarships students to the Saudi society.

3-Provding the students with finical aid other than the monthly rewards. During their free time, the  scholarship students are given the chance to join the students' employment program  which introduces part-time jobs in return for finical reward calculated on the basis of  cost  per hour.


3-Taking the advantages of other finical aid  programs offered by University like loaning and  the finical grants introduced  by the students' fund  to the needy students or those who undergo  emergent conditions that is difficult to pass.

 Fourth: Cultural Awareness :

 1-Holding  training courses and academic seminars in religious doctrine, Sharia sciences and general knowledge questions.

2-Paying attention to the importance of teaching the Nobel Quran and Sunnah.

3-Provding the students with introductory programs about the contemporary cultural renaissance of the Kingdom.

4-Holding professional training courses for improving the skills of the scholarship students and offering  them new experiences.

5-Holding training courses in computer science and its different techniques.

Fifth: Health Care:

1-The scholarship students have to be medically examined by the medical service units affiliated to the University.

2-The scholarship students should receive easy and flexible medical services.

The Administrative Structure of the Scholarship Program:

Academic Scholarship Program is affiliated to the Students Affair Deanship. The administrative   structure consists of the following:

1-Directorate director (communication officer)

2-Assistant director  of Directorate

3-Date registrar

4-Administrative Communication



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