Objectives and Values

- Integration with the administrative system in the University for upgrading the employees' performance and efficiency.
- To consolidate principles of ideal dealing between all of us and paying regard to values and social standards and general laws and morality and job grade.
- Creating family-like atmosphere and an ideal working environment and spreading spirit of friendship and fraternity among employees of the University and boosting the feeling of belonging to the University.
- Participation in preparation and organization of different occasions and activities in the University.
Media coverage of all occasions and activities in the University. -
 - Introducing the University, its colleges, activities and facilities to all segments of the society and making the University name common between them.
- Displaying the University name and activities in the media and creating a positive view about the University and its colleges and staff and its role in scientific, training and research fields.
- Strengthening communication links and partnership and cooperation between the University and government and private bodies and organizations, companies and other educational institutions. 
-Joining specialized bodies in the University in providing different services to the society including cultural, awareness, social, charitable and health services through continuous and developed programs.
- Setting up a mechanism to facilitate and help visitors and customers to accomplish their works in the University and in turn have a good impression about the University and its management.
- To gather and document all occasions in the University as a reference and archive supported with pictures and comments.
- To get acquainted with the society views and remarks and reports in the media apparatus about the University and its colleges and relay them to the concerned officials in the University.
The values of the Public Relations and University Information are emanating from the principles of Islamic Religion and national duties and social interaction and spirit of belonging to the University.
* Balanced belonging to the University
*Moral Commitment
* Working with team spirit
*Making efforts and sacrifice
*Justice, equality and honesty
*Good dealing with beneficiaries
* Transparency and creditability
* Spirit of initiation and modernization
* Distinction, innovation and creativity
* Developing team members
* Interaction with changes