Administration of the office

Tasks of the Director of the Rector’s Office General Goal: To have an efficient administration that provides all administrative and technical services to the Rector in order to complete the important and confidential duties.

The administration unit should be trustworthy in keeping the confidential work, managing the Rector’s work, taking notes and organizing his timetable. Tasks:

1- To arrange the meetings dates of the Rector and coordinate the translation work, if necessary

2- To arrange the Rector’s appointments and submit them every day to get his approval.

3-To answer all calls related to the Rector.

4-To maintain all communication means including (phone, fax and email, etc

5- To ensure that all the communication devices are placed properly.

6- To carry out the internal and external confidential calls of the Rector as well as writing down all emails and mobile messages of the Rector.

7- To identify the location of the Rector during meetings and conferences and provide him with contacts and ensure that all called numbers are correct.

8- To make all required arrangements for booking flight and hotel for the Rector.

9- To prepare the required information and the financial arrangements of the Rector’s travel

10- To prepare a file of the Rector’s travel containing the agenda of His Excellency along with necessary documents.

11- To handle routine matters.


12- To prepare a list of the important visitors and senior officials, in coordination with public relations and ceremonies unit.

13. Preparing a statement of telephone calls received during the Rector’s meetings or when he is unavailable, contacting the Rector from time to time to inform him of the important events, and preparing important transactions, communications and visit lists for his review.

14. Filing the finished, incomplete and under-study issues separately.

15. Organizing guest interviews of important figures and state officials, and evaluating the necessary interviews. The private secretary should also specify the interviews for specific appointments in advance, under the directions of the Rector.

16. Taking care of the secretarial offices and the reception hall and preparing them for the visitors as well as a special place for visiting dignitaries in coordination with the Public Relations and Protocol Unit.

17. Preparing and reviewing the diary of the Rector on a daily basis, including all the dates and interviews, and informing the Rector of the visitor. The Director of the Office is also aware of the whereabouts of the Rector constantly to remind him of the dates.

18. The director of the office and his secretarial office may open the mail of the Rector and organize the presentation files according to a specific classification.

19. Attending the meetings of the Rector per his orders and summarizing the overall meeting, and the important articles.

20. Assisting the Rector in meetings and parties and knowing his place of residence and participating papers.