Relations and Documentation Unit

Relations and Documentation Unit General Objective: To set the procedures of the transactions issued by the office of the Rector, to implement the necessary procedures for them and to preserve and archive them electronically for future reference.


1. Export all transactions issued by the office of the Rector.

2- Sorting the transactions and ensure they are correct, complete, and indexed.

3 – Record all transactions outgoing section and arranging them according to an approved index.

4 - Send transactions in preparation to be reviewed by the Rector and Director of the Office.

5. Forward the incoming transactions to the other units attached to the office of the Rector.

6- Receive the transactions after being guided and export them in accordance with the written directives

7 - Distribute copies of letters and orders in accordance with the instructions of the Rector to the concerned parties.

8- Organize and coordinate the archive, store the copies in classified files, and keep electronic records for the incoming and outgoing.

9 - Supervise the arrangement of the warehouse of the Rector’s Office.

10. Organize the advance funding of the Office of the Rector.

11. Any other tasks that may be assigned by the Rector.