General Goal:

Provide all legal and administrative consulting services to the office of His Excellency MU Rector and the associated units, as well as evaluate the referred studies and transactions, in accordance with the rules and related regulations.


1- To give counsel or advice in all referred studies and transactions.

2- To save classified files of all decrees, orders and regulations issued by the highest authorities along with the orders, circulars and directives issued by the university to coordinate them and unify all the related procedures.

3- To participate in all regulation projects and orders related to the university tasks according to the directives.

4- To review the final version of any order issued by His Excellency the MU Rector, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

5- To review and study memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreements signed with other parties, in coordination with parties within and outside the university.

6- To study the meeting minute related to Scientific Boards and the administrative committees and give counsel and advice.

7- To express an opinion in a way that facilitates the work of the university and increase the effectiveness of the performance of the office and its administrative units.

8- To provide proposals and initiatives that contribute to the progress of university and develop its mechanisms.

9- To save the work of the unit in a way that helps in retrieving information easily.

10- Any other task assigned to the advisers.