Secret Office

Secret ffice General Objective:

The speedy completion of transactions and letters of private or confidential nature to higher authorities and others related to the Rector’s of the University.


1. Receiving all confidential or special transactions and letters at the Office of the Rector and completing the procedures in accordance with his directives.

2. Receiving and presenting the confidential papers that need to be signed by the Rector himself.

3. Sending special transactions and transactions of a confidential nature outside the university directly after being signed by the Rector.

4. Keeping transactions, letters and confidential files in the archives of the secret office in a manner that helps to extract the required information easily.

5. Sorting confidential transactions and letters, and verifying the authenticity of their reference, completeness and indexing.

6. Handling all confidential transactions in the incoming and outgoing sections in accordance with the special digital division of the secret office and its organization along with saving them in special files in their respective classification.

7. Preparing the secret briefcase containing classified files and sending it to the Rector’s Office for review.

8. Distributing copies of letters and secret orders in accordance with the directions of Rector to the concerned parties.

9. Organizing and coordinating the archives of the secret office and keeping all the transactions and letters in classified files.

10. Copying and editing everything needed at the secret office.

11. Maintaining complete confidentiality of accessed transactions and information.

12. Any other tasks that may be assigned to the secret office.