The follow-up and Coordination

The follow-up and Coordination Department of Rector’s Office

General Goal: To follow up all directives, orders, circulars, transactions and decisions issued by the office of His Excellency the Rector to ensure its implementation and provide feedback regarding the assigned duties of the office. Tasks:


1- To set up and adopt appropriate mechanisms of the following-up.

2- To follow up the implementation His Excellency the Rector's directives that are related to transactions at certain times.

3- To follow up the directives, circulars and decisions issued by and sent to the vice-rector's office, colleges, deanships and administrations inside and outside the university.

4- To follow up all transactions directed by His Excellency the Rector or the adviser and director of the Rector’s Office inside or outside the university.

5-To prepare regular reports about work of the unit and its requirements to improve its performance.