Rabi Al-Thani 1442
30 November 2020

Message of the DirectorMessage from the General Supervisor

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Message from the General Supervisor Majma’ah University is fully aware of the great importance of logistic services to assist university departments to accomplish its duties. Since the establishment of Majma’ah University, it aimed to develop the system of providing these services with all possible means. Following the establishment of the MU, the department of services was established under the General Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs to provide the best services for university staff. A decision No. (650) was issued by His Excellency the MU Rector in 12-10-1434 H to establish a new department named (The General Department of Facilities and Services). The Department of Services later was no longer under the General Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs and became an independent department with several sub-departments and units. By the date 2-7-1438 H, a new decision No. (1563) was issued by His Excellency MU Rector to separate The Department of Services from the Department of Facilities change its name to be (The General Department of Services) under His Excellency the Vice Rector. The Department strives to achieve many objectives, most importantly ensuring the progress of the educational process and supporting university’s departments and colleges to fulfill their duties properly. The Department has a number of administrative and technical units, effective committees, and high quality programs. I extend thanks to His Excellency the university Rector and the Vice Rector for the unlimited support.


The General Supervisor of the General Department of Services

Muteb Muhammad Al-Maymoni

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