Rabi Al-Thani 1442
26 November 2020

Responsibilities of Housing Management

Last Modified Wed, 2018/05/23 - 00:22

• Providing adequate housing for all university faculty members.
• Providing a safe social environment for faculty members and their families.
• Creating an appropriate atmosphere for faculty members to devote their full scientific, academic and educational mission to the fullest.
• Distributing residential units and using them within the regulations prepared for them according to the unified contract.
• Preparing and signing rental contracts for residential units according to the unified contract and regulations.
• Handing over the housing units with all furniture being listed.
• Obtaining the insurance and supervising the account allocated for the units.
• Supervising housing and public site facilities through service centers.
• Following up entry permits to residents and their families by the University Security Department.
• Following up operation and maintenance.
• Ensuring the availability of safety means in coordination with occupational health.
• Interacting with any complain or observation provided by tenants
• Coordinating, following up and supervising the programs and activities held in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
• Organizing and keeping files, records and documents related to housing in a way that ensures easy retrieval and utilization.
• Preparing the periodic reports.
• Following up on regular basis the occupied and vacant apartments on a regular basis
• Handing over and receiving housing units from faculty members in accordance with the rules and procedures in force.
• Supervising and updating the e-portal of housing system.
• Carrying out any other tasks related to the Housing department.