Disability care center


To provide high-quality services to students to help them to engage in academic life.


To achieve a positive impact globally through innovation and continuous development in the field of care for people with disabilities.


Integrate students into the academic community by providing the necessary support and encouraging positive interaction.



Psychological and social consultations:
- Expand the scope of counseling to include specialized psychological and social support.
Programs and activities:
- Expand the scope of cultural and social programs to hold activities aimed at encouraging the full participation of students with disabilities.
Sports and cultural competitions:
- Conduct sports and cultural competitions and events that allow for social interaction among students.
Services provided in cooperation with information technology:
- Provide modern technology and technical assistance to facilitate access to study materials and improve interaction with the academic environment.
Services provided in cooperation with the Student Skills and Values Development Center:
- Conduct training programs and workshops that enhance students’ skills in various fields.
- Courses in learning sign language.
Services provided in cooperation with the General Administration of Facilities:
- Provide supportive infrastructure to meet students' needs.
Services provided in cooperation with the Alumni Center:
- Employment and training programs to engage students with disabilities into the labor market.
Services provided in cooperation with the Student Fund:
- Provide financial subsidies.
- Provide financial advances.
- Provide financial support to purchase assistive devices for students with disabilities.
- Provide an educational assistant when needed or requested.


Center tasks:


Interact with policies and regulations:
- Implement relevant legislation and policies to protect the rights and well-being of students with disabilities.
Monitor and evaluate performance:
- Evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided and improve them.
- Get feedback and reports on students' progress and needs.
Awareness and education:
- Educate members of the university community about issues of people with disabilities.
- Hold educational activities for students and employees about understanding the needs of individuals with disabilities.


Categories benefiting from the center:


Students with learning difficulties.
Students who suffer from attention disorders and excessive motor activity.
Students who suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders.
Students with autism spectrum disorders.
Students with congenital abnormalities.
Students with hearing disabilities.
Students with visual impairment.
Students with physical and health disabilities.