Department of Public Relations and Media

Department of Public Relations and Media

Associated with the Dean of Student Affairs

1- Receive visitors to the Deanship.

2- Issue travel tickets for staff at the Deanship and guests.

3- Organize parties, events and social events.

4- Act as mediator between all departments and sections.

5- Settle transportation for staff and visitors.

6- Cooperate with other departments when requested.

7- Write news and scientific and media topics for publication in newspapers and magazines.

8- Monitor what the news published about the deanship and document them.

9- Prepare scientific material for radio or television programs.

10- Publish all kinds of brochures and publications related to the academic programs offered by the Deanship.

11- Communicate with journalists and media professionals inside and outside the Kingdom.

12- Issue a periodical magazine for the Deanship, which highlight the internal and external university activities.

13- Prepare and supervise public lectures and seminars approved by the Deanship.

14- Deny rumors and false news spread about the Deanship.

15- Prepare a daily press file and submit it to the Dean of Student Affairs.

16- Create a directory by telephone and e-mail for the staff of the Deanship

17- Providing all the requirements for holding conferences and seminars that at the Deanship including official sponsors, fund, supervising the processing of theaters, flowers, gifts and shields, distributing invitations to attend, and placing posters for all).

18- Create a friendly atmosphere among the staff.

19- Consider the public relations staff as an official spokesperson for the Deanship.

20 - Develop a specific mechanism for communications.