The privacy policy stated below is considered a part of the terms for using the e-portal of Majmaah University (MU). 
This website does not collect your personal information when you visit the website without your consent. In case you opt to offer your personal information to us, they will be only used to provide you with the services or information you required from MU. By using this website, you agree to all terms of this privacy policy. All the information obtained from your side might be revealed to Saudi government sectors, if required, to process your request, without reference to any party. 
MU reserves the right to make any minor or major amendments to the terms of the privacy policy when necessary without any prior notification. MU also has the right to take the necessary measures to protect the data on the website from any loss, misuse or change without a guarantee that your usage is confidential and consequently shall not be held accountable for any harm that you or any party may experience as a result of violating the confidentiality policy.  
The website also implements very precise measures to protect information from any loss, misuse or change. In addition, MU cannot ensure the confidentiality when using the website; and therefore cannot be held accountable for any harm caused. 
This is governed by the law in force in Saudi Arabia. Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Saudi Arabia and courts of appeal from them for determining any dispute concerning this policy. 

Use Policy: 
The e-portal of MU including all information and materials published is managed by the E-portal unit. By using the MU e-portal, the user has accepted all the listed provisions of use policy in this privacy policy. 
The E-portal Unit reserves the right to change the use policy when necessary without prior notifications. In situations as such, the Unit may provide notifications via the e-portal of MU to ensure that users are fully aware of such changes. The user is obligated to review the use and privacy policy in every time the website or the sub-pages are accessed, including all colleges, deanships, administrations, faculty members etc. 

Provision of new e-services (systems) Policy:
This policy determines the requirements that need to be fulfilled should any department decided to have a new e-service.
First: Provision of service via IT Deanship: 
Any department related to MU has the right to request an e-service from IT Deanship, and the Deanship shall be fully responsible for running the service including analysis, design, host, security and backup. 
Second: Provision of service by a department:
Any department that is interested to develop an e-service by (programmer/ company) should meet the following requirements:
a. The department must coordinate with IT Deanship in advance as similar available e-services might be available, or better options might be proposed by IT Deanship.
b. The department must own the copyrights of its e-service including database as a measure to protect its rights in the future.
C. IT Deanship shall not offer a subdomain to any e-service that does not meet the terms stipulated above, (section 7, article C)

Information Security Policy: 
a. The E-portal Unit employs procedural and technical measures to secure the personal information from loss, theft via encrypting them. The E-portal Unit also considers the data as properties that must be protected from loss or being accessed by unauthorized individuals. 
b. Should MU e-portal happened to be subjected to any harm, the necessary measures shall be taken according to the Combating Cyber Crime 1428 H. 
c. In the case of a potential security threat to MU e-portal or e-services, the Unit of E-portal has the right to take all necessary precautionary measures. 

IT Deanship makes every effort to achieve the highest level of quality and accuracy with MU e-portal, however, the Deanship shall not bear any responsibility or liability for violating this policy.  

Source: Deanship of Information Technology 

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