Professional Certificate in eLearning Experience Design (eLXD) - Foundation Level


Overview of the Professional Certificate Program in Designing Experiences
E-Learning - Foundation Level

Introduction :


Welcome to the Professional Certificate in Designing Experiences
E-learning (foundation level).

We are pleased to offer you this educational opportunity accredited by the National Center for E-Learning. This certificate provides you an opportunity to practice the competencies of designing basic e-learning experiences, and ensures that they are acquired in the practice of designing experiences in e-learning. It is considered one of the necessary foundations that the educational designer and technology specialist must have. Education, teacher, and faculty member in universities acquire and master it.

Upon completing this course, you will have full knowledge and awareness of the six main axes of the certificate. This course is one of the requirements for obtaining the professional certificate issued by the National Center for E-Learning.

Target group :


Instructional designer.
Educational technology specialist.
Teacher and faculty member in universities.


Course areas:


The first area: digital literacy.
The second area: leadership.
The third field: Pedagogy.
Fourth area: evaluation.
Fifth area: communication and participation.
Sixth area: professional development.


Basic topics of the training course:


Designing e-learning and training experiences.
Leading the process of designing e-learning and training experiences.
Professional development for an e-learning/training experience designer.
Designing assignments and tests in e-learning and training.
Effective communication and participation for the success of designing e-learning/training experiences.


Training program:


Number of training days: 21 days.
Number of training hours: 30 hours.
Training style: synchronous.


Requirement for passing the training course:


Attending at least 80% of the training program hours.
Completing the required assignments and tasks.
Pass the assessment at the end of each unit with a grade of no less than 60%.


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