Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Student Activities

The student activities is considered one of the most important pillars of the Deanship of Student Affairs Through activities, the Deanship provides the students with all necessary activities that contribute to fill his spare time with useful benefits on him, his university and his country. This will create an intimate atmosphere among students and thus forming a reliable generation equipped with skills and abilities. Some of the student activities goals and controls are as follows:




·        Enrich the university students’ knowledge aspects and encourage them to continue research and scientific creativity in addition to strengthen the fair competition spirit among them.

·        Develop the university student personality through diversification of activity sources.

·        Develop the national belonging sense and sincerity.

·        Enhance the university objectives and values in the hearts of students through various programs and activities.

·        Instilling straightforward values in students hearts such as cooperation, honesty, solidarity, perseverance of sincerity and hard working.

·        Ability to bear responsibility and leadership.

·        Respect work and pertaining laws.

·        Devote the dialogue between the Deanship and students and between students and their fellow students through the programs and activities.

·        Investment of leisure time in useful and beneficial activities.

·        Discover and  develop students’ talents in order to prepare them for leading the University development activities.



·         Diversity and inclusion.

·         Impartiality and objectivity among students.

·         Pre-announcement of activity before enough time.

·         Student participating in the activity should be enrolled in the semester in which the activity is taking place.

·         Must meet the requirements related to each activity.

·         Compose arbitration committees specialized in each competitive activity.

·         Award prizes for the first three positions of each competitive activity.