Department of English Language

Speech of the Head of the Department


Based on the principle of commitment to the general goals of the University of Majmaah, the Department of English Language at the Faculty of Science and Human Studies in Rumaah has set a number of prudent valuable scientific objectives that respond to the needs of learners, and what the society and the labor market do need of distinctive competencies of students in the Department. Therefore, these objectives represent an environment for the development of students' abilities in three tracks at once; Language, Literature, and Linguistics, which are the basic elements of a bachelor degree (BA). Moreover, these goals would provide the student with access to a deep and thorough understanding of the nature of English Language, its Literature, and its history as well. Due to the importance of English Language in the advancement of higher education in all disciplines, the Department was able to attract professors with high expertise in the teaching of English Language and its Literature, in addition to teaching they conduct scientific research and participate in conferences and scientific seminars as well as training workshops , also they encourage students to engage into non-classroom student activities that hone their scientific talents and their leadership ones and help them in the educational attainment.

Dr. Abdullah bin Suleiman Al Sayed.