Objectives and Values6

General Objectives: • Developing and improving the overall outputs of the College to meet the needs of the labor market and gain confidence. • Preparing the College to meet the requirements of quality in accordance with the standards of the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Main Objectives: • Helping the College to build public policy that supports its scientific departments •Identifying the required quality indicators for employees of the College and students as well • Deepening the concept of quality among the employees of the College and sharing it among them so that it becomes an organizational culture for the College • Upgrading the competencies and skills of faculty members and employees, which results in meeting to quality requirements. • Applying forms for self-evaluation • Helping departments in the application of self-evaluation and improving their performance to achieve the academic accreditation • Encouraging and supporting scientific research, particularly research and applied sciences, and abiding by its ethics • Working to provide incentives for distinguished employees, so as to raise their motivation for further excellence and creativity • Building a system to evaluate the performance in the College.