Message from the Dean

The College of Science and Humanities in Rumaah looks at quality as a message that aims to set comprehensive standards which organize working in the College and contribute to the achievement of academic accreditation for the college and its various programs. Furthermore, the idea of quality requires continuous coordination and organization between the Vice Deanship of the College for Development and Quality and all scientific and administrative departments in order to ensure the best possible results. Therefore, we can say that quality is not an individual effort, but a collective work depending on the design of the required tools that lead to the development of the educational process through the assessment of the situation in place, and then identifying the strengths and weaknesses in order to foster the first and deal with the latter. Thus, the proposed strategic plan lays the required foundations for the evaluation process and the tools that can be used to measure the performance indicators as well as the inputs and outputs of the educational process. The plan also presents proposals, methods, and mechanisms that can be utilized to achieve the desired development. the Vice Deanship of the College for Development and Quality is but to invite all faculty members and administrative system of the Faculty to join hands and efforts together in order to meet all the required standards of accreditation, and put our college in a good position in light of the sincere teamwork and transparency, which no doubt will lead us to success. Finally, development and quality were purposefully put together, since quality is the only way towards development and progress that we all seek in the academic and scientific life.

DR. Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Al-Yahya