An introduction about the Department

The message of English Language Department at the University of Majmaah emerges from the quest to provide educational and research service, representing in learning and teaching English Language and taking more of an interest in it and provide the community with qualified and competent graduates scientifically and professionally, so as to contribute to the development of their society, and filling in the humanitarian and development needs of the community. It also seeks to link the cultures of the world through the English language, as the courses have been prepared to lead male and female students in a systematic and programmed deliberate steps, to a high degree of language proficiency and academic attainment. Thus, the intensive programs represent vital activity of the department as they prepare students to receive various sciences in English Language. As the specialized courses require a high degree in tendering and efforts to raise the level of the student in order to excel in the field of specialization. Believing in the importance of strategic planning in success and achievement of the goals, the current plan came out to be the nucleus of an institutional work that contributes to the drawing of achievement milestones and success in the Department of English Language at the college, in order to be luminous example that achieves the desired goal as well as to set an example for counterpart colleges to achieve the sublime goal of establishing this Department.