Dear visitor, Welcome to the  Department of Business Administration at the College of Science and Humanities Rumaah which established in 1432, which is the core disciplines at the moment where the private sector is the engine of the local economy and the global president. Therefore, it was the creation of this section to provide the Saudi labour market suitably qualified talent and contributes to the growth and development process of the nation. The phenomenal growth of financial markets in the Kingdom and global economies and financial markets has led to the emergence of thread needed for the existence of this section trajectory of Financial Management that other pathways are activated in accordance with the phased plan.


Works department since its inception on the development plans of study, taking into account integration and interdependence between decisions and to ensure that meet the needs of the labour market.


Seeks section through study plan to provide learning outcomes and qualified staff that can compete and adapt to changes in business and the business environment.


D. Musharraf Abdullah Al-Musharraf