Unit of Plans and Study Programs

Study plans are considered as one of the most important components of the successful characteristic of the scientific departments, therefore, the process of forming the plan in accordance with the requirements of the market is one of the most important duties that should be taken care of. So, out of this the Vice Deanship has taken during the last period a number of actions which represented in taking the first steps to establish and supplement the Unit of Plans and Timetables with competencies, that ensure its functioning to the fullest.


Objectives of the Unit:

1 - Follow what does come up of instructions and required quality standards for the preparation of study plans for specialties raised at the College.

2 - Periodic review of the plans currently implemented at the college, and make use of the views of faculty members about them.

3 – Hold workshops concerned with the development and update the implemented plans at the College based on the adopted criteria at the level of the university.

4 – Conduct the specialized studies about the appropriateness of the implemented plans as well as future ones to meet the needs of the labor market.